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biz development Sometimes it doesn't make sense to do everything yourself. mbr has a long track record of helping customers define and redesign, find the market, sell, rollout and support.

mbr's people have worked in telecom operators or vendors in the past, and thus have a deep understanding of both sides of the business paradigm. They can help you define and determine the best strategy to develop your business based on experience and knowledge of the industry and its people. Their experience in positioning products and services and understanding the pre and post sales aspects of doing business in the Asian region will be invaluable to your company.

mbr has a deep understanding of what telecom operators are looking for, not only when it comes to the latest trends and hottest mobile plays but based on its strong relationships and engagement with telco management throughout Asia, mbr has a finger on the pulse of the industry too - an insight into the hows and whys of what executives are thinking and doing.