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telecom expertise With experienced staff in our offices in Malaysia and Singapore, we know the Asia Pacific region better than anyone and with affiliates both in the region and globally we truly span the globe.
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.....could really make it happen

mbr doesn't only know the region – mbr knows the industry, the technology and markets - first-hand. We have extensive links in both major and minor players in both major and minor markets around the region.

mbr's hands-on record in the industry is difficult to match and is a trusted source in the industry.

The proof is in the pudding, and mbr takes pride in its wide range of successful deals and projects with mobile, fixed wireless and 3G operators, OEM’s and solutions providers throughout the region.

If you are thinking about a telco market in Asia, odds are that mbr's been there, sold there and deployed there. A partnership with mbr's outsourced business development division could really make it happen.